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So you can imagine my excitement a few weeks ago when I got my hands on the new products from Benefit weeks ahead of their launch. Its taken a lot for me not to scream about this and share it with you sooner but I have had to wait…something I’m not very good at! But what better way to start my first beauty post though than with new products from Benefit?!


First up is the new ‘Dew The Hoola’. If the shiny rose gold bamboo effect bottle isn’t enough to make you want it then let me tell you this liquid form Hoola is just devine and I have been hooked, using it every day since I got it. It really is pure genius on Benefit’s part and I can’t rave about this product enough! You really must buy it! The product is released via a pump action. You can apply with your finger tips or I have been using a blending sponge to apply and blend it.


The gorgeous matt bronze liquid melts into your skin giving the most smooth subtle golden glow. I have been using this to contour so I have been applying it over my foundation to my cheek bones, nose and forehead. You can also use it for an all over glow before or after foundation which is also lovely. How much you apply depends on if you prefer a subtle healthy glow or full on bronzed goddess. You can keep adding to it. I then applied Hoola over the top to further enhance and compliment the bronzed contour effect.

Speaking of brushes, next up is this gorgeous new Hoola blusher brush.


Cue more shiny gold bamboo on the handle and perfectly formed bristles. I have a love hate relationship with blusher brushes…when I find a brush I like I tend to keep it for years only using that brush so it grows tired looking and I then find it hard to find a new one to match up to it as they’re either way too soft so they end up just dusting the product over but gives it no staying power and it can fly off the brush to other parts of your face, but this one is just fabulous. It has safely replaced my trusted old one that has definitely seen better days. The bristles are so beautifully soft to touch yet when they touch the skin they are firm enough to apply bronzer perfectly. I like it when you can be a bit rough with a brush and it holds its ground and that’s exactly what you can expect from this! The brush has a ballyage from black to green just to add to the tropical Hawaii theme that follows Hoola and is shaped so you’re able to use it for contouring very easily so goes one better than a kabuki brush. The long slim shape make it easy to take with you on a night out. Kabuki brushes are often too fat to fit into a small evening bag. It has firmly made it into my handbag make up!


Lastly we have this little cutie which goes by the name ‘Shy Beam’, part on the Dandelion family.


I’m already a huge fan of High Beam and Sun Beam  (and anything else Benefit make in the same shape bottle for that matter) but I love Shy Beam so much as it’s the first liquid highlighter from Benefit that is Matt. This matt nude highlighter has a fine brush to lightly apply a sweep to your brow and cheek bones and I always run a little dash down my nose. Its a perfect pairing with ‘Dew The Hoola’ and a lovely choice for the daytime as you don’t get that gleam the others will give you which is great for your nights out. Because of this I’ve started using it over my concealer in my under eye area sweeping it right up to my cheek and brow bones as it reflects the light, and I find blending it with a blending sponge during contouring gives this product another great use. You can’t usually do that with a highlighter as they have a shimmer so you stick to the bone structure area.

I hope you’ve found the post useful and I’ve given you other ideas how to use the products. I have listed all the products in my post below. They are available to purchase from stand alone Benefit stores and online at uk. Happy purchasing Benebabes!





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