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It’s not something I blog about often as I like to keep my Instagram predominantly fashion and beauty but those of you that follow my snaps on Snapchat  (thechicpetite) will know that I am very much into fitness and healthy eating. It started in January 2015 when a very unfit, unshaped me joined a gym and my life has never been the same since. I was never one for exercising, would much rather spend my time eating cake and drinking coffee with friends or just doing some thing, anything other than exercise…even the ironing. But that was then. Now my days revolve around my fitness regime and of course being Mum and blogging. It has ended up that I now go to the gym every day and some days for up to two hours. Nothing ever comes easy, right? I’m working hard for that summer body.

So back to the purpose of my little fitness spiel. As a devout gym goer I obviously care a great deal about what goes into my mouth. I’m all about clean eating (but don’t get me wrong I do go off track sometimes and usually I’m a lot more relaxed at weekends). I am a total sugar addict and a couple of years back I had a very poor diet. I lived off sugar to get me through the day. I would wake up and stuff a slice of cake in my mouth because it was there and it was quick and easy. I would then get through the rest of the day on coffee, biscuits and chocolate bars. Whilst I somehow evaded being fat, my diet contained no goodness and when I caught a chest infection, my body had no fight and I ended up in hospital with pneumonia. This was pretty scary and I think this was when I decided I needed to sort my eating out and be healthy for myself and the sake of my children.

 Clean eating can be quite a loney world. If you’re a clean eater you might relate to that feeling of dread when you’re invited on a lunch date at a friends or for a coffee which will inevitably involve cake. I have found myself literally isolating myself at home during the week just to stay in the safey of clean food. You may think this sounds ludicrous and extreme but I have zero willpower and I want body confidence so badly that I choose to put myself through this. I love seeing the change in my body and I don’t have the best willpower but this is one thing I am trying so hard to stick to. That said I do treat myself…I make various plans with friends for afternoon tea or dinner and I work hard in the weeks running up to the event so I can really reward myself and go all out for that weekend before I’m back to it on the Monday and I have to say I’m a lot happier in myself for it and I really look forward to the treat. (Just incase you were thinking I had no life and was this miserable thing sitting at home pining for chocolate).

So then I discovered The Skinny Bakery.  The name alone got me interested. Then I read more and thought I might just have found the answer to my cake loving addiction.

I am absolutely thrilled to be collaborating with The Skinny Bakery not only because its a subject that I love but because I spend my days with gym folk and actually some of my very best friends are really into their clean eating.


The Skinny Bakery is the brainchild of Mariella Forte who from a young age became a keen baker and after looking into the scicene behind food, decided she wanted to create yummy treats but with lower calories, sugar and fat.

Well I have had the very tough job of sampling some of their goodies. Hallelujah! I can now have ‘coffee’ dates with my girls! My clean eating friends and I are so excited about having our get togethers now we have found these yummy treats although make that a herbal tea not coffee!


I have tried the Skinny Sweet Potato Brownies, the Skinny Chocolate Pearls, Skinny Beetroot Pearls and the Skinny Coconut Bites. What’s even better is they come in such a handy treat size which look amazing laid out like little canapés for when you have friends over to try. Even if you’re not a clean eater you should try these as they are a really tasty and convenient alternative so calorific treats. Each pot tells you how many calories it contains. I keep mine in the fridge and when I feel like I want a little Tiramisu (Italian for pick me up) I pop one out of the pot into my mouth. Yum! I can’t even tell you how delicious the sweet potato brownies are. I know sounds totally weird, right? But trust me you have to try them! It’s really strange concept to taste sweet potato and beetroot in a different way to how they are nornally used but really tasty and practically guilt free! Available online and in Selfridges, there are lots of other items to choose from and you can check them out here

Now here’s a treat for all my readers and followers. You can receive 10% off your first order by using the code CRESSIDA and all orders placed with my code will receive my favorite…a free sweet potato brownie so thank you to The Skinny Bakery and thank you for giving me something to nibble on at those coffee dates I’ve been avoiding!

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