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So I know I’ve been behind with blog posts and I promise I’m going to do better so I can share more with you. I’m still only five months in and still finding my feet with a lot of this and my website dosnt look entirely how I want it to at the moment so it’s bugging me! Also incase you don’t know I am a full time Mummy of two very high maintenence girls which will always be my priority. Last week I was unwell and it made me think that sometimes you just need to listen to your body and give it the downtime it craves. I’m so on the go with everything including the gym every day and don’t ever get a good night’s sleep and my body definitely needed a rest. I ended up not going to the gym for a whole week which drove me crazy but gave my the time I needed to rest, repair and be with my family.

Anyway all back to business as usual. A week of gym and good eating and I’m back on track.


One of the greatest things about being a full time Mummy are the lovely summer days we get to enjoy and share together. This week we have been splashing and playing in the pool and I have enjoyed a little poolside chilling with my babes.

Friends don’t care if you’re house is a mess, they care if you have wine in your fridge’

These really are days and moments to treasure and I’m grateful at the end of each day no matter how manic it’s been  and how much I’ve shouted and screamed at them, I know I’m truly blessed and have everything I need in life in my loved ones. Everything else is just a bonus. Blessed not stressed is my new mantra. I will try and remember that tomorrow when im screaming at them or they’re screaming at each other! Seriously though, sometimes we are so busy and caught up with meaningless stuff we can all be guilty of losing a bit of perspective sometimes. We can throw the stress card up a bit too often. Yes things can get on top of us. We say we are stressed to friends over things like the house being a mess or that washing and ironing that needs doing. I moan myself when my three year old wakes up every night without fail and ends up in my bed giving me broken sleep. How stressful! But actually how blessed am I to have my little girl wake up and call for me. How blessed am I to be able to stay at home (even though it needs cleaning) to be there for them. Our children are our blessings and I will be forever grateful to have them. That said, how often have my girls said to me ‘mummy come and play’ and I say ‘in a minute, ive just got to load the washing or do this do that’ simply because I can’t sit and relax until those small things are taken care of. Or the times I have turned down a coffee and catch up with a friend because I’ve got to mop the floors but really they’re so unimportant in the grand scheme of things. What could be more important than giving our time to friends and family? Little else!  And how does that saying go? Friends don’t care if your house is a mess, they care if you have wine in your fridge! So I will be making more of a conscious effort not to put those thankless tasks before time with my children and friends this summer and actually that will include putting my phone down a bit more and instead to cut out playdoh shapes (We shall see how long the latter lasts!).

I am scheduling all my upcoming blogposts for summer and changing my gym routine so my kids and friends can have my attention. We never get this time back and they’re growing so fast (The kids not the friends).

The girls are now broken up from school and pre-school for summer so no more school runs YIPPEE! We can have STRESS free mornings (just blessed ones). We are looking forward to some more chilled pool days and bbq’s as well as some fun days out, playdates and of course jetting off for some Mediterranean sun, sea and sand (make that sangria for mummy and daddy).

I don’t usually post pictures of myself wearing swimwear so i feel slightly self conscious about sharing the pics but my swimsuit is to die for and it comes in black too which I just had to order. The white is nearly sold out in most sizes…I think there are only size 14 available but black has most sizes in stock. Head to my SHOP page where I have linked both of them. The fact that it has the tie up sides and top mean you can adjust it for a looser or tighter fit. I love the ribbed material and the gold eyelets give it a nautical feel. Although I’ll have to watch it  because my youngest kept grabbing at the ties so that could be embarrassing!

I hope you have some lovely things planned over Summer! If you can relate to this post I’d  love to hear from you so feel free to leave your comments. Remember, don’t sweat the small stuff ♡

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  1. Claire
    July 24, 2016 / 9:20 am

    Lovely post honey you look amazing xxx totally agree they little for such a short amount of time we should enjoy this special magical time with them xxxxx

    • The Chic Petite
      July 24, 2016 / 9:34 am

      Thank you so much! Yes 100% xxx

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