LIFESTYLE: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I know I know, a bit of a delay right? I had of course planned to post this alot sooner but as life goes, I just haven’t got around to it! The post-fire project rebuild has started among other things so I’ve got builders and scaffolders alike coming and going but it has reminded me that I really need to start scheduling my posts!

I guess that’s the beauty of being a ‘micro’ blogger; not relying on blogging as a main source of income. I live dipping in and out of it. When I’ve got stuff going on it can take a back seat. I don’t know how these full time bloggers do it! Mind you I don’t follow any with young families so that’s probably one way they manage haha!

So anyhow, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year celebrations. I had the best news to start the year off…I’m going to be an Auntie! I couldn’t be more excited to have another family member to love and for my girls to have a little cousin. Auntie Cressie is not going to keep away! So be warned family if you’re reading this!

So it’s an exciting year ahead. I’m looking forward to birthdays, holidays and good times with family and friends and of course the new arrival. Isn’t that what life’s about? Good times and making memories.

I hope you’re keeping to your new years resolutions. I didn’t really make any this year. I’m at a point in my life where I’m very satisfied and grateful for what I’ve got.  So aside from the usual ‘eat better, exercise more’ I plan to just live life a day at a time and spend it with those that make me happy. We put too much pressure on ourselves to meet certain goals and achieve this and that. When is enough enough? When did working so much that you have no life bring happiness? It brings money yes but where do family and friends fit in? In a world full of #mumbosses and #girlbosses its ok to just chill! Relax, enjoy life and be thankful! Make time for you. You never know what is around that corner.  I think alot of women feel a pressure to ‘do something’ and achieve something. Especially after having kids. Whilst I’m all for women empowerment and love to see anyone do well, I am happy to stand up and say I am doing something that’s more than enough for me…I’m being a mum and there’s no greater achievement or reward.  No greater feeling of purpose.  Being a mum is enough for me. So don’t sweat it lady, it’s OK to be ‘just’ a mummy. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and I’ve met plenty of women that say to me they couldnt do it all day. I totally get that! It’s a 24 hour job. It is hard work…draining even. I mean people are paid to actually do it as a job! When you’re feeling horrificly poorly you can’t call in sick and lay in bed! But for me the cuddles, the laughs, the tears and the moments are all worth it and there’s honestly no place I’d rather be!

I’m just generalising I’m not obviously talking about individual circumstances. I have huge respect for women that do both. They must have a wonderful support system behind them. We don’t all have that luxury. I just think sometimes the social media world can make women/mums feel like they’re not doing enough because Fanny Adams started a boutique on instagram and Jane down the road launched her own shop.

‘It’s OK to be OK’

What’s most important above all is your self happiness so whatever you’re doing make sure it’s for you and not how you want others to view you. And most importantly dont give two hoots about what so and so are doing. Once you start caring less about what others are doing I promise you you’ll be so much better off. Everyone’s situation is different so what one is doing wouldn’t necessarily be what you would be happy doing.

I hope that came across the right way as I’m very supportive of women in business but I also know that being ‘just’ (and I hate that term ‘just’) a stay home mum is bloody underrated and you deserve a pat on the back because you are wonderful and amazing too! Next time you see that #mumboss hash tag think about the other kind of mum boss who aren’t any less wonderful because they’re running households not companies!


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