BEAUTY: Self Tanning with Skinny Tan

I haven’t done a product review in a while and I wanted to talk about something outside my comfort zone; self tanning! It’s seems like everyone does it! So why don’t I?

I’ve never been one for fake tan. I’ve had friends that religiously self tan weekly or before occassions but do you know why I don’t like it? I’m sorry but it’s because you can tell! I hate those tell tale signs either on the feet or around the hands and wrists. It is not a good look! There are also some dodgy colours out there. I would rather look pale than a dirty shade of orange. I’ve always embraced my paler skin through the winter months and the only kind of tan I like is a natural one from the sun and with SPF. That said I am naturally Olive skinned (thanks to my Dad’s meddetarranian blood. My Mum is as fair skinned as you get so I’m glad to have inherrited my Dad’s genes.), so I’ve never had to worry about milk bottle complexions but still my colour fades when the Summer is out and I don’t EVER use sunbeds so I’m just content with my skin.

When the Skinny Tan: Tan & Tone oil landed on my desk it certainly did get me wondering! I have heard people raving about this product from Australia. The tone bit caught my eye more than anything…who wouldn’t be interested in toning up their skin?

So, I’m no self tan carnesseur clearly but I knew that before anything I wanted to prep my skin so off I went to the shower where I have myself a full body exfoliation.

Once my skin was dry I applied moisturiser only to my knees, elbows and ankles and then I grabbed a self tan mit and began to apply the Skinny Tan. I sprayed it directly on to my skin and rubbed it in as thoroughly and evenly as possible with the mit. The smell instantly hit me, it wasn’t that hideous smell that most people talk about when doing self tan, it smelt of holidays and tropical flowers.

Immediately afterwards it felt quite sticky but within 10 minutes I felt safe to put some clothes on.

I definitely felt it tightened and deepened as the time went on. I didn’t apply loads as wasn’t sure what the outcome would be but now I feel like you can definitely keep applying more to deepen the effects of the colour.

All in all I felt it was quite a positive outcome for my first tanning experience. I was left with a natural healthy looking glow and although I’m not sure I personally like the up keep of self tanning all over the body, I think it’s quite nice to be able to apply to the legs every now and then!

Are you a self tanner? I would love to know what products you use or do you have any tips for novice tanners like me? Leave me a comment below ♡



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