BEAUTY: Arbonne Intelligence Genius Ultra

I’m now a year into my thirties and one thing in particular I would say I’ve started taking very seriously is my skincare regime. I enjoy trying out different products and treatments to see what works best for me and I’m always on the prowl for revolutionary products that offer that little something extra. One thing I’m sure of is that I certainly don’t want to pump my skin full of toxins so I am obsessed with trying out products that can aid me in looking as radiant as possible without going down that road.

So when the Arbonne Intelligence Genius Ultra, dropped on to my doorstep I was intrigued to say the least. So the ‘Genius’ as we shall call it for short, is an ultrasound device which has been designed to get the ultimate benefits out of the products you put on your skin. It was developed to work alongside the Arbonne RE9 Advanced range which were standalone products before the Genius was even around and have had fantastic reviews. I’ve tried them before I started using the Genius so I can also vouch for the range.

One thing in particular that struck me with the Genius were the instant results I was told to expect. I think that is why so many people take short cuts and end up turning to cosmetic surgery…they don’t always want to invest the time and money into products where there effects may appear over time. I think your skin is always worth investing in so let me tell you more about the Genius.

So how does it work? Here’s the science part. The Genius Ultra emits up to 300,000 ultrasound waves per second alongside its gentle warming action (it has three heat settings) which will enable products to penetrate deeper into the skins surface than when you apply with your fingertips so it directly improves the effects of the products.

On my skin it felt like a mini iron and I focused on any areas with fine lines.






For me this was my forehead, around my eyes and around my mouth (I believe they call them marrionette lines). Well I was stunned after just one use for a couple of minutes the lines seemed much reduced. If you can excuse my non make-up before and after pictures you will see for yourself the difference in the lines. I also saw a vast improvement to the skin around my eyes and forehead but where I only have very fine lines it was hard to get a good before and after picture to really show you noticeable results but the lines are deeper where I smile so you can easily see the differenceIt is recommended for use with the RE9 Advanced Intesive Renewal Serum for the face, lips and neck and with the RE9 Advanced Lifting and Contouring Eye Cream for the eyes.


For more information or to purchase the products I highly recommend you contacting Hannah who is a rep for Arbonne. They also have a fabulous range of organic and natural makeup.

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Or contact Hannah on  07773 273959


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