FASHION: Holiday Dressing

When it comes to travel, I always believe in dressing for the city you’re visiting. This is also the same for holidays. I love to be able to try out styles I wouldn’t normally get away with in my hometown  or everyday living but in the right setting it can be so much fun to go outside of the boundaries.

Depending on what you like, your idea of a holiday may differ somewhat to what others like. Personally for me and I know this might come as a shock to most people, I like my holidays fuss free and laid back. I can’t bear the thought of slapping around in the heat in a pair of heels with my hair sticking to the back of my neck! So it is rare you will see me in a pair of heels abroad. That said, it would depend on where I was. In Dubai I certainly took heels, same with Marbella or of course somewhere like Vegas; but my preferred choice of holiday is a sleepy beach village where you wouldn’t look out of place of an evening if you had just rolled off the beach.

With that in mind my top tip is to pack day to night outfits. Something that you can throw on over your bikini in the day but by night swap the flip flops for some espadrilles or even wedges and some fancy earrings and you’re good to go. Saves suitcase space too! This year I seem to have congregated towards the little bardot beach dresses especially ones with a little embroidery or a tassle tie or two. I’ve chosen so many I’m not sure which ones will be for day or which Il keep for night! Click through the gallery for ideas:

So Speaking of wedges, I know I said I don’t do heels but if you must then a wedge is the best choice for those summer playsuits and dresses and the espadrille wedges still give you that bit of comfort. Espadrilles are a no brainer when it comes to holidays. Not only are they everywhere and in many different styles but again they can carry you from day to night as they are SOOOO comfy to wear to walk around if you wanted to take in the scenery. Espadrille wedges are also a great low key holiday heel.

I always try my best to stick to a colour palette so that I could pack say one pair of gold sandles that I know will go with every look. Having two kids I’ve downscaled my suitcases somewhat over the years. Compared to my younger year’s where it felt like I packed my entire wardrobe whereas now with two little ones in tow (and with a wardrobe each to rival mine) packing light has never been so appealing so where possible try to capsulise your wardrobe with colour. The best way to do this is to hang all of your outfits out where you can see them all before packing them and decide which shoes and bags are going to go with each. It also helps me to decide if there’s still anything else I need to purchase!

I’m sure you all know thay no holiday packing can be complete without the faithful friend; the maxi dress. Easy wearing and you can keep it simple or dress it up with heels, accessories and a chic updo. The one I’m wearing in the pictures is Zara but click through below for some of my favourite maxi’s this season

Separates are always a great idea to pack. I’m talking tops, skirts and trousers as again if they’re part of a capsule wardrobe you can mix and match them to create different outfits without packing too much. A wide leg trouser is always a winner on holiday.

Lastly and I’ve done a post about it before but this year you can’t go wrong with a tropical print or two. You might choose a plain dress but accessorize it with a palm print bag! Or vice versa. I’ve shared lots of ideas below in the gallery. Happy scrolling.

Hair: @bridalhairbyjennie

Photos: @jennygallphotography



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