BEAUTY: Going Under The Knife With Dermaplaning

So when I say I’ve gone under the knife I might have exaggerated a little… it was more a blade…

Here I’ll tell you all about my recent Dermaplaning treatment at Chique Boutique with Nicola.

if you don’t know about this treatment where have you been? I couldn’t wait to try it as I’ve seen so many celebs and beauty experts raving about it but I was also a little apprehensive. Would it hurt?Would my skin be sore after?

Nicola explained the procedure and reassured me that there would be no pain involved and she was sure I would love it. It starts much like a normal facial with a cleansing routine but then in place of a normal exfoliation comes the dermaplaning. It looks quite scary as the blade is opened up out of the wrapper but it really isn’t at all.

Nicola starts by gently scraping my face all over which removed a multitude of dry dead skin cells where normal exfoliating products cannot. It also removed all the velous hair. This is where people question what it will grow back like. We’ve all made the mistake of using a razor for hair removal at some point and you know it grows back thicker and darker. Let me assure you that this is not what will happen on your face. This ‘peach fuzz’ as it’s called is not the same hair as on your legs and you won’t notice the re-growth in the same way. Once complete a serum is applied followed by an SPF and the treatment is complete. I can’t begin to explain how amazing the skin feels and looks after. The skin is able to absorb your skincare products afterwards so they have so much more benefit.  The surface is as smooth as a newborn baby. I literally felt like my skin had been renewed and reborn. Dermaplaning is recommended every 4 weeks. There are different options which you can choose afterwards such as a mask or peel but on its own it is highly effective anyway.

The benefits of Dermaplaning are deep exfoliatiom whcih aids to unclog pores, renew the skin, diminish fine lines and wrinkles and improve facial scarring. The surface is so smooth, applying products and make up the next day felt amazing!

Nicola used the Environ product range in the salon.

CHIQUE is the only salon in Leigh-On-Sea to offer the treatment and it is very popular. Book now to avoid disappointment.

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