BEAUTY: Chin Up Non-Surgical Chin & Neck Lift

If you are conscious of your jaw line or suffer from a double chin then you are going to LOVE this treatment. I’ve just reviewed the Up Yours, Chin Up product which is essentially a non surgical neck lifting treatment and I really enjoyed it.

Here’s how it works.

The pack comes with a tape measure for you to measure lobe to lobe under your chin before the treatment. Then tear open one of the pouches to reveal a serum covered mask to fit over your neck and jawline. You then tape this up with the elasticated support which Velcros together on top of your head to keep everything in place and I must warn you; is extremely tight. This is where the work is happening. Leave in place for 30 minutes and there you have it, couldn’t be easier!

So I ran myself a lovely hot bath and sat back whilst my treatment did the rest. I could feel a warming tingling sensation but if I’m being honest when I’m using a specialist product I like to feel it working. Once 30 mins was up I simply took it all off, massaged any left over serum in and took my measurement again.¬† Before the treatment my measurement was 17cm. After it was 16cm. I lost 1cm. It might not sound like much but my jaw line looked overall sharper and more defined. I guess the result will vary person to person. This is a great treatment¬† before a big night out or event.

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