BEAUTY: Everything you need to know about microblading & semi permanent eyebrows

If you have followed me throughout the year and seen my Insta stories then you will have seen that I have had my eyebrows “tattooed”. I wanted to share my ‘Brow journey’ with you and take the opportunity to not only tell you about the different methods (of which I’ve had both now) but share with you my before and afters from the expert that is Joanna Twyman.

Jo is an expert in her field with nearly 20 years experience. As soon as I attended my consultation I felt immediately at ease and I knew I wanted her to do my brows.


So this is where I had a patch test and talked through the look I wanted to achieve and decided what treatment plan would be best for me.

Jo offers both semi-permanent make up and the micro blading technique.


On the day of treatment, local anaesthetic is applied upon arrival. I wanted a very natural hair stroke look so we decided it would be best to start with microblading. This achieves a much more natural look with a Freehand blade. Jo firstly took the time to ensure the shape and colour was right and that of course I was happy with it. Then she set to work with her artistry.

I’ll talk about during the treatment as everyone wants to know does it hurt?! The honest answer to that is everyone will be different and have different pain thresholds. The hairstrokes felt like a deep scratch and the worst part was the outline but as Jo moved on to the next brow she re-applied numbing cream so each time she came back the the brow she already worked on the scratching felt less invasive until I could barely feel it at all.

Here you can see my before and after pics. What a difference! I couldn’t believe that these were my brows and they wern’t going to wash off. After 5 days I could apply Vaseline for a week three times a day. They didn’t hardly scab at all but they did fade alot. This is to be expected and everyone’s results will vary. The pigments react differently with different skin. They can deepen and intestify or fade which is why it’s best to not be too bold to start with incase the pigment doesn’t react as expected.

6 to 8 weeks later you will attend you top up appointment.

Top up appointment

As my brows had faded quite a bit I decided to top up with the semi permanent machine.


I chose a darker colour as I knew how much it would fade by. Jo stuck to the shape we had previously but just used the machine this time.

I’ve shared all three together so you can see the difference but I absolutely love my brows!

For me I personally prefer the effect from the machine. It can be adapted to create hair stroke brows and a more defined look. Again I experienced minimal scabbing. With the machine brows Vaseline is applied after 3 hours of treatment three times a day.

Choosing semi permanent make up is something I’ve deliberated about for years but it can seem quite a big scary decision but it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It has made me confident enough to go make up free… no more drawing brows on for the gym or the beach! I’ve seen girls say that they’d never touch their brows with something like this but thats usually girls who have good brows and no idea what it’s like to lack hair or shape where you want it.

If you are unhappy with your brows or want to define them more then I can’t recommend this treatment enough by a semi permanent expert like Jo.

Find out more about Jo and the treatments she offers here

Find her on Instagram @Joanna_Twyman


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