Hello and welcome to my blog; The Chic Petite.

As I start thinking about writing this it’s the beginning of January, a brand new year, the best time to set goals and plans for the year ahead and no better time to finally launch my blog! Having my own blog is something I’ve thought about for a couple of years after becoming an Instagram Addict and being inspired by other bloggers and general users on there but everytime I gave it more thought I ended up doubting myself and talked myself out of it. The fear of  what people might think, the fear of failure. What if people aren’t interested in what I post? Call it what you will, each time I would think ‘actually no’.  However since building  up a lovely following on Instagram and I guess essentially blogging in photos, I’ve been encouraged by other bloggers and friends to go for it,  so stuff it…here I am and I’m delighted to finally be sharing my very first blog post with you!

So, in a rather large nutshell, I’m obsessed with everything fashion, beauty and lifestyle as well as interior styling (what home owner dosent?) and I’m so excited to show you my own take on these passions of mine because if you’re reading this then one or more of those is something you love too and I would love to share my style, beauty tips, and home interior with you as i’ve got a closet full of gorgeous clothes and accessories that I don’t always get to show off so what better reason alone to blog to finally get to put them on and if I can manage to inspire some of you along the way then what a bonus! Why? Well why not! If nothing else its a space for me to keep an archive of my fashion and beauty faves and It’s something fun to do, what female dosnt like to dress up? We’ve been dressing up since we were little girls and we’re no different now really. I love going out out…getting ready and dressing up is the best bit isn’t it!

Being a Mother too, I hope that lots of you will be able to relate to me in some way, mummies or not, but being a parent, we dont stop having a nice life or being conscious of style just because we have kids do we! This is something I feel very strongly about as a young mother and along the way I shall be showing you that you can be both a mother and stylish without it eating into precious little hours in the mornings. Fashion blogs arent just for non-parents! Now as I said, I’m a Mother but that doesn’t mean I follow just ‘mum’ blogs. I pull inspiration from lots of different bloggers with varied style for different reasons. This is almost like a bit of escapism for me because it is a part of my life that is just for me and my identity, perhaps even the one thing I do that doesn’t revolove around my family.  Of course they are my life and the most important part; my absolute world, but I choose to keep them private from this blog and won’t necessarily be doing the ‘mumsy’ blogs. Being a Mother doesn’t define me. That said, I may share the odd cute outfit or their bedrooms on my interior posts as they are just too pretty not to share.

I am someone who would of course love to sit sipping a coffee and eating macarons at Laduree or spend endless hours wandering round Harrods shopping for Valentinos and Chanel but my reality is that I am a full time Mummy of two beautiful girls and my day realistically revolves around school runs, the gym and what’s for dinner with the odd coffee morning and lunch date squeezed in between. That said, I do love Valentino and Chanel to name but a few and on those occasional child free days you probably would catch me shopping in Harrods and sitting in Laduree doing just that. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the luxury, fashion loving, macaron eater is one side of me but I’m realistic enough to know that that isn’t the majority of our everyday lives, certainly not mine anyhow and I don’t need to pretend otherwise. What you see is what you get!

I’m aware by now that I’m possibly waffling on a bit so I’ll close up here…Most importantly this is a hobby of mine to share my love and appreciation for the things I’m passionate about with like minded people. I hope you enjoy coming on this adventure with me and I welcome your comments (good vibes only) and look forward to getting to know you as much as you will get to know me!

Thanks for reading if you got this far.

Love Cressie x



  1. Leah
    February 26, 2016 / 9:10 am

    Lovely first post, can’t wait to read more X

    • The Chic Petite
      February 26, 2016 / 9:20 am

      Thanks so much xx

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