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Well it’s been a crazy week! Not only were the kids off school but our youngest turned 3 Sunday just gone so I also had all the planning and party prep to sort with the kids in tow. Just picture the scene in the balloon shop with two little girls.


Every year since Ophelia was born we have held a small tea party at the house just with family. Having already got an older daughter I know the stress and havoc of kids parties so seeing as Ophelia is young enough not to have made any school friends yet I am opting out of kids parties until next year when she has been at pre-school for much longer and knows who her friends are. We shall be holding birthday parties for many years to come so this was our last relaxed birthday.

I say relaxed, it’s anything but when you’re entertaining isn’t it, however we were super organised and I really didn’t feel stressed at all even with a house full of guests.

You will notice I used the same grass runner from CitiGrass as it’s a spring birthday so it was nice to use it again.

I probably went a bit overboard with the honeycomb lanterns hanging from the chandelier. I already had 3 up from Easter and added some patterned ones for good measure.


For years I have used Talking Tables as their table wear is second to none for parties and the different designs are so much fun…have a look at their website…their themed sections are so easy to navigate and they give me fab ideas for my parties and summer BBQ’s. I used cake stands and serving platters and plates from their website.

I always get iced biscuits made. I think they are such a cute detail and make lovely table favors or extras to pop into kids goody bags. I use the very talented Jacqui from Cookie Kitchen on Facebook:


Jacqui wraps each biscuit with such care and they arrive by post damage free and last for up to 6 weeks!


A party just isn’t a party without cupcakes right so of course we had cupcakes. I had these stunning ones made by one of my eldest daughters friends mum. She loves to make cakes as a sideline and I think she’s amazing. They look and taste great. I chose pastel glitter frosting and I had the flags already which look even more inviting.


I had glass milk bottles for the kids drinks with vintage style straws each topped with a party ring.  I got a set of 6 bottles on ebay for £8.95.


I didnt get around to getting a completedpic of the table in the end due to the guests arriving but we served finger sandwiches and warm scones with jam and clotted cream. Yummy!

Now for the pistderesistance…that stunning pretty Peppa cake!


I used the hugely talented Amy of Cookie Delicious. This was the first time I’ve worked with Amy on a cake so I was really excited about seeing it and eating it as I have been admiring her work for a while. She didn’t disappoint…just look at it, need I say more? It was perfect! I have a thing about character cakes…i always think the characters never look like they are suppose to and selfishly I just love to go to town thinking up a pretty girly creation but this character cake was spot on…the characters looked perfect and the rest of the cake was the right mix of pastel vintage prettiness! Amy has got my taste spot on. We had a vanilla and jam sponge layer and a lemon sponge with lemon curd layer. The entire cake was lined with chocolate before icing which was a nice surprise when slicing it. Maybe I did shed a tear when I had to cut the cake up. Find Amy on Instagram @cookie.delicious or www.cookie

Hope you enjoy the pics. I only wish i could share the pics of my beaitoful girl in her lovely outfit but I hope you understand why I choose to keep their images private.

Please feel free to comment if you have any questions on suppliers etc.

Love Cressie xXx’


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