FASHION: Yellow Cropped Trousers


You might have seen over on my instagram (@the_chic_petite) that last Wednesday I attended a lovely event at the River Island Style Studio on Oxford Street in London.

I thought it only fitting that I wear at least something from River Island so I picked out my new yellow wide leg cropped trousers.

The night was part of their #anEveningWith series and we got to listen to the ever so fabulous Freddie Harrel of She Unleashed, give an inspirational chat and talk clothing and personal style. Then we all hung out drinking bubbles, eating amazing canapés and styling our own River Island outfits.

IMG_20160528_130401PSX_20160530_153137I am loving yellow at the moment, I’m  just drawn to it and I’m also loving cropped wide leg trousers. I think they’re a really flattering look for most women. Being petite, I find that showing that little bit of leg and ankle doesn’t drown my frame like a full length pair possibly might.

IMG_20160526_170415This gorgeous lace kimono jacket is so versatile.  Here I’ve teamed it with a simple grey T shirt which has an attached layered necklace for detail. These are a great contrast against the yellow culottes. I would wear this during the day, I would wear it to lunch or shopping.  I always love to create looks that make people want to look closer. I just think life’s to short to wear boring clothes and clothes should be fun and exciting. One of my favorite quotes is that one we all know. ‘Style is a way of saying who you are without speaking’. I truly believe this. My clothes do the talking for me…when you spend money on clothes (especially the amount I do) you want them to work for you and I want people’s eyes to be drawn to my outfits.  Wherever I go I’m always asked where is this or that from and sometimes it’s something so simple but because of how I’ve worn it I’ve drawn peoples eye to it. I’m often told ‘I’d never think to put those together’ and I love that. It’s such a compliment. I’ve always loved to use colour pops and I’ve always loved to clash colours. It’s just more interesting. If I’d worn the kimono jacket with black trousers it would have looked lovely still but the yellow makes it exciting. It makes people look for one or two seconds longer than they should. Don’t be afraid to mix colours. It can be daunting to people who stick with blacks and more classic colours but if you get it right it can open up your wardrobe to so many more looks and outfits. However I understand that colour is not for everyone and you have to feel 100% comfortable in what you wear. It’s also about how your clothes make you feel. We talked a lot about that on the night and it’s true that depending what mood I’m in and where I’m going, I dress according to that which means I’ve got lots of different looks I like to tune into to go with lots of different moods and personalities.

res_1464213938199IMG_20160526_073539This look is head to toe High Street. You don’t need to spend a fortune to look stylish and sophisticated. If you’ve got style people will look no matter if the outfit cost £20 or £2000. Hair was kept loose and casual. Head to my SHOP tab to shop the look directly.




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