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So you will have seen my amazing braided hair I had done last week. It was the work of the super talented Craig at Vidgeon Hair. I’ve wanted to try out this particular style for a while. Braids are so ‘in’ right now and seem to have burst onto the social media scene most notably in the last year or two. I remember first getting them done when I was about 13 on holiday in Ibiza when it literally was the only opportunity to get your hair braided in those days (I feel old now) and everyone back home would be in awe. I used to get them done every year I went back and I would keep them in for as long as possible upon returning home. PSX_20160721_145622PSX_20160721_145841PSX_20160721_150048Now as a 30 year old I’m asking for braids again! Not just for kids; the humble braid can transform your hair into a super cool style and earn you bucket loads of street cred (or insta cred). When I had mine I had soooooo many comments and compliments about them. One Mum on the school run even went and got her hair braided after seeing mine. They are definitely a ‘happy hair’ style and brightened up my mundane mane for a few days. I have to say it was the perfect week to have them as England was experiencing a heat wave so they kept me super cool (in the heat sense of the word) and it was lovely not having to worry about my hair getting hot a sticky and in the way in the heat. Great holiday hair. Great gym hair too!


I really wanted to tell you a bit more about Vidgeon Hair. I’ve been going there for almost a year now and I have honestly never had such salon satisfaction. I’m so happy I found this little gem of a salon. I’m such a loyal customer when it comes to where I go for my hair. I usually stick with the same place for years and years but couldn’t help but always feel like my hair had never quite turned out how I wanted it and always struggled to find a local salon that could give me what a call a huge bouncy blow dry. That feeling when you walk out of somewhwre having dropped the best part of £120+ and know you’re not happy with the outcome is just so disheartening. Or when you get home only to find your big blow dry has gone flat as a pancake on top of your head. So after lots of that, it was a friend of mine who finally recomended me to go and see Colin and i’ve never looked back. PSX_20160721_151345Colin Vidgeon is the curator of Vidgeon Hair which is the loveliest salon I’ve ever experienced. Quite a small team but a bloody great team in terms of talent. Colin does my colour, cut and blowdry regularly and is responsible for my recently turned platinum blonde locks but I feel like I have got to know them all so well as they are like one little family and if Colin is busy then I’m more than happy with Craig or Dean anyway as they all know every client and well as they often show an interest in each others work and share experience and opinions and I think it’s that intimacy and feel that I love which you don’t tend to get in bigger salons. I’ve never been to a salon before where there is such a feeling of warmth towards you and genuine care. Their passion and talents really do shine through. Like I say I feel like I know them all so well and I think the salon prides itself on giving a personal touch that I just haven’t felt anywhere else. Maybe this is why I feel so at ease there. Other salons I’ve been to have always had an air about them which gives you a certain sense of insecurity. Daft as it might sound but at past salons I’ve felt the need to make an effort, wash my hair and blow dry it before attending and making sure I rocked up in my best salon worthy outfit. Does anyone else do this or just me?


PSX_20160721_150722However at Vidgeon Hair, it has such a relaxed vibe that for the first time in ever I feel that if I  (and I have) turn up in a mess straight from the gym with not a scrap of make up on then that’s ok! They won’t judge me for it! The salon is super trendy but classy and has a lovely laid back vibe. Decorated with art deco mirrors and quirky wallpaper, it’s the little attention to details that make you want to get comfortable and let me tell you they do a really good latte! You might be forgiven for thinking you were hanging out in a super trendy pad in Soho. Then there is the adorable garden area where you could maybe chill with a magazine and coffee on a warm day whilst your colour develops.PSX_20160721_151121PSX_20160721_151055

The homely touches like the candles, the cushions, the fresh flowers and most importantly the kit kat you get with your refreshment (!) Are for me the bits that set it apart from other salons and not forgetting the talent as I keep mentioning!PSX_20160721_150647PSX_20160721_151307

They all have different skills, for example Craig is the go to for up do’s and of course braids  but Colin, Craig and Dean are all superb and creative colourists and stylists. I’ve recommended friends and they have all been so happy with their hair that they have in turn recommended people. If you’re in or around the Leigh on Sea area give them a try! It’s really worth a visit even if you live further away. You will not be disappointed.

You can call to arrange appointments or consultations on 01702 471400 and tell them I sent you and you can get 30% off your first visit!

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Team Vidgeon from left-right: Colin, Andi, Dean & Craig


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