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psx_20161012_213043I’m not really one for reveal posts and I’ve not done a ‘reveal’ on my blog before for a number of reasons but today I’m sharing my new Chanel purchase with you. Well, I say new. I made this purchase back in June so it’s four months old! But I’m enjoying using it so much so I wanted to share it.


There’s nothing more exciting than getting a new purchase home and taking the time to unwrap it…especially when it’s a special purchase that comes wrapped up as pretty as Chanel does.


So I was on the look out for either a black wallet on a chain (WOC) or a mini flap. A year ago I was after a black GST  (Grand Shopping Tote) but I literally never use a big bag anymore. I mean what do you girls carry in your bags because I literally have nothing to carry! I’m known for wandering around just holding my phone and key holder  (which fits my bank cards in). If i go out with the kids they like having their own bag now so I literally would not bother taking a bag just to have keys and phone floating about in it so my desire for a big bag has now well and truly gone. So my gaze was turned to the smaller bags. I got my medium classic flap for my 30th which is plentifuly roomy so I knew for black (which if yore a regular follower you will know I’m a much more colourful peron) I was only going to need something small and I must say I’m so glad I got this bag. I’ve used it so much. It’s an everyday bag but I can also dress it up for the evening if I so wish. If I had gone for another classic flap I probably would have felt silly wearing it on the school run or to the super market… I just wouldn’t have. I wanted a bag for everyday. My classic flap is an occassional bag. So I fell in love with this WOC as it is very casual and has meant I have a special ‘bag’ for the daytime but it’s quite subtle and dosnt look ridiculous popping down to the school or going to the cinema, etc.  I say ‘bag’ because I know alot of Chanel bag lovers don’t count it as a bag and it is a wallet on a chain but for me it’s an answer to my daytime bag (no more going about holidng my keys and phone!) and perfect for my needs so if like me you are a bag minimalist then a WOC would be a great investment for your collection.


Personally for me I only wanted this style and I knew I wanted Caviar leather as it’s much more durable. My classic flap is lambskin and although it’s more expensive than the Caviar leather a lot of people will not want a lambskin bag. I’m starting to understand why. My classic flap can mark so easily and the leather feels so delicate. I would not buy another lambskin bag.


I found what in was looking for in Harrods and I literally haven’t stopped using it since. Classic styles can be hard to come by…I’ve since had people tell me they can’t find this style anywhere. Sometimes when you want a particular style so much the only way to find it is from a re-seller but I would also recommend shopping pre-loved. There are some fantastic companies out there. I have used Vestiare Collective and Brand Connection before. I have linked some pre-loved versions of my WOC below. You can save so much money by buying pre-loved and more often than not you can find ‘like new’ pieces. With the constant Chanel increases it’s becoming a very popular method of buying designer bags. In fact some of the biggest bag collectors I know are not more often than not using companies that sepcialise in pre-loved.

So I highly recommend a WOC…it’s currently my most used bag but some people are put off by the size but when I show them what I have inside mine they are convinced thatthey also want one too. I love that it’s a ‘hands free’ bag as it helps when I’m out and about with the kids. I can fit a lip gloss and a small perfume as well as my keys and phone and it has a zipped section for money, slots for cards and two other compartments.


Hope you like it, have you got a WOC? Would love to see which one and what you fit in yours. If you enjoyed this reveal maybe I will share more in future? Leave me a comment and let me know.



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