LIFESTYLE: December Vibes

Ahhhhh…Christmas…for me it really is the most wonderful time of the year but before I go any further I do wholeheartedly acknowledge that not everybody shares the same warm feelings for a number of different reasons so I’m not at all oblivious to that before I get accused of any insensitivity.

I’m very fortunate to have a gorgeous, happy, healthy family and please God may we always be. Christmas for us is a really big deal which I quite literally look forward to all year and start planning very early on (yes my xmas shopping is done and dusted in September – insert smug face here). Having kids changes xmas forever.  I literally feel as excited as I did as a child again just seeing them expieriencing it and watching their faces truly light up and believe the magic of xmas. For me it’s about making memories and traditions that my girls will remember for years to come and always remember when they think of Christmas. Probably the simplest of things.

If you saw my previous post (Mum on The Run Jam Tarts) you will have seen we have been enjoying some xmas baking. There is something so therapeutic about playing xmas music (perhaps with a glass of fizz in hand) that just makes life feel perfect. It really is the little things!

Christmas is of course a time for giving (and receieving, hehe) and to be able to shop for people that mean the world to you is so enjoyable and not something we always do the rest of the year so to show people what they mean to you with a lovely gift is just wonderful and special.

More than any present, it really is a time of reflecting on what’s Truly important and I love this quote;

“If you have a roof over your head, food on the table & people around you that love you then you are richer than you think”

I know it comes as a surprise to some people as I obviously do love alot of ‘materialistic’ things…clothes, shoes, bags but honestly I think the people that truly know me know that I couldn’t care less about those things.  They are simply a bonus to life but not what I ‘dream’ to have. My dreams are just to spend a long happy healthy life with my family whatever the weather. You probably saw from a previous instagram post that the night before Halloween this year we were woken at 3am by fireman tackling a blaze at our home. Luckily it was external and we were safe but it did cause horrific damage and thousands and thousands of pounds worth of contents were lost and among them were our Christmas collections which to say were extensive would be an understatement. The thought of what could have happend and what might have been had the fire service not got there soon enough just dosnt bear thinking about but of course I have and I won’t go into the personal grief it has caused most notably for my little ones. The accumulation of shock, terror and losing sentimental things from first xmases etc (not to mention the immediate aftermath which was draining) was not very pleasant but once processed by the mind over time becomes something you want to put in a box and forget about so I’ve kind of done that. But puts things into perspective when something like that happens.

So with not a bauble or a garland of tinsel to my name  I set off to Summerhill Garden Centre (which if you live in Essex you will be fully acquainted with) in search of a new Christmas collection and just the very sight of the place made me smile again. I even exclaimed to my Mother that I might even prefer xmas decoration shopping more than shopping for clothes and shoes (well almost). As I worked my way around the glittering wonderland diving into anything gold or cream and deterring my 3 year old away from fragile looking ornaments I thought things wernt so bad. It was quite exciting shopping for Xmas things again.

“I have enough Christmas decorations” – said no woman ever

So my living room tree and fireplace have been re-decked. I usually have a tree in my dining room too as well as other festive features around the house but it had been such a stressful time on top of the other twoing and froing that comes with xmas that we decided we would replace all of that in the new year and just focus on the living room for now. Next xmas I plan to go to town on the house.

So what have we been up to? The 1st of December we have the elfs arrive bringing with them magic and mischief. There are all sorts of rewards and antics when they’re in the house.  I wrapped up all the girls xmas books and each day the elves leave one for them to unwrap. It’s lovely as they take the time to look at each one instead of having them all at once and when they unwrap their favourites they remember from last year they’re so excited to open it up again. The collection gets some new additions every year.

We’ve still got some lovely things planned. The Pantomime, lunches and dinners with friends and family, a trip to Harrods and of course the big day itself.

Everyone has a guilty pleasure at Christmas. You will find me happiest with a Babycham in hand scoffing Ferrero rocher watching xmas cooking programmes and Kirsty’s Handmade Christmas.

What are your Christmas guilty pleasures? Leave me a comment below ♡


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