LIFESTYLE: Christmas Cottage

Ok so my house is not a cottage! However at Christmas time it transforms and I always envision it some kind of Christmas lodge or cottage  (I think our 12ft fireplace helps).

Having a passion for interiors, Christmas is a perfect time to play around with the interiors and transform the different spaces, albeit only temporary.  The tree just fits so well it’s a shame it can’t be there all year round really but then where would the excitement be? There’s just something so cosy and comforting about those Christmas lights dancing gently to and fro and something so fulfilling seeing the baubles and bows adorning the branches. Who would have thought a pine tree chopped down from outside (be it real or artificial) could bring so much joy and warmth to the house?

Christmas trees are much like children.  Everyone thinks there’s is the most beautiful. They come in all different shapes and sizes. Some like them tall some like them short, some skinny some fat. I love them all and I absolutely love seeing everyone else’s and all the different ways to decorate them. My living room tree has always been a slim artificial one due to the corner I wish it to stand in. It HAS to be next to the fireplace. It just wouldn’t be right anywhere else. “Move the sofa over so we can get a bigger tree” hubby says. MOVE THE SOFA?! Oh no way…then the sofa would be off centre to the mirror and it would bother me all December…my OCD for symmetry couldn’t cope with that!

I stick with gold and cream to match the lounge and I’d say my decorating style is classic with a glam edge. Next year I’m thinking about adding red to this tree, what do you think?

I have lots of other areas of the house to fill with trees so I can’t wait already for next christmas as I have been collecting for different themes. I shared a photo of last year’s dining room tree on Instagram but if you read my last post you’ll know why we have just the one this year.

I get my decorations from pretty much everywhere. They mainly are sourced from local garden centres (Summerhill, Altons, Riverside & Hockley Garden Market), supermarkets, Next and wherever I pass that has something that takes my fancy. I had a beautiful bauble collection from John Lewis which sadly didn’t make it but I’ve replaced some. I always get some from Next and Matalan have had a fab Christmas section this year. This is where my nutcrackers came from. I also love to have some individual personal touches on the tree. Sadly I’ve lost all of the girls “first xmas” things etc but luckily Lisa at replaced their personalised wooden stars. I won a personalised bauble from @notonthehighstreet and had another made by @blossomandbear.

You couldn’t have a fireplace the size of mine and not dress it for Christmas.  To be honest mine is not dressed nearly enough as I want it to be. Again, I had to source new garlands this year. I found these in The Range. They were pre-decorated to match my theme and I added my own lights and a few extra garnishes. I had to get more than one as I can never find one large enough but ideally the fireplace can take a much thicker one. I would love a huge fresh one maybe one year. I also plan to paint the mantle too as the wood dosnt match the furniture. I hang faux fur stockings just for show to tie in the colour scheme but the girls have personalised ones that were both from

Enjoy the pics! I am never sure whether or not to share more of the house or not. If you’d like to see some other rooms let me know in the comments below.

Merry Christmas ♡


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