BEAUTY: CoCo LoCo & Bleach Blondes

As promised, this post is going to give you my review about these products I tried at the weekend.

Ever since turning my locks platinum I’ve become obsessed with haircare! It’s quite annoying actually because it’s become another thing to blow money on but if you’re going to bleach your hair you have to be totally invested in it. You have got to look after it otherwise you may as well not do it in the first place. People ask me all the time about the condition of my hair and my honest answer is its probably in better condition now than before due to the products and treatment that go into it; not to mention the expert haircare team that look after it at my salon (Vidgeon Hair) to enable me to have it this colour and in this condition.

I’ve not used Lee Stafford products before. I of course knew about them but the natural haired me never bothered with expensive shampoos and conditioners. I would just use what ever was on offer at the supermarket. That however is all changed now and I have used and tried (and own) a wide range of different products to date. But I shall start with these.

To be honest I’ve never been able to walk past the Lee Stafford section of haircare without stopping and browsing even in the ‘old hair’ days. The products are so eye catching in their iconic pink packaging (although he has added new ranges which aren’t pink but still make you stop and stare). This time I was on the prowl…I wanted them! I wanted them all! I stuck to the ones most relevant to me. Otherwise I could easily have ended up with five different shampoos!

I narrowed it down to the Bleach Blonde range for my shampoo and conditioner. I generally stick to a silver shampoo now so I knew these would do something for me. The shampoo was deep purple and thick and leathered up beautifully. The lather as you will probably agree is important. I’ve used many shampoos that don’t lather up too well and I find it hard to feel like they’ve covered all of the hair on my head, so this gave good lather coverage; if thats even a thing. The smell really reminded me of being in a salon which is hard to replicate at home without buying the high end stuff.  After rinsing I immediately followed with the CoCo LoCo hair mask. Believe me when I say this smells divine. Literally amazing.  I smoothed it all over, curled it into a pile on top of my head and got on with some housework. It says to leave for just 5 minutes but I had it on for about 10. You could definitely leave it on for longer. Rinsing this out my hair felt like liquid silk. I knew it had 100% made a differance to the texture and condition.

I have been toying with the idea of candyfloss pink hair for a while now so when I spotted ‘Kiss of Colour’ I got a teeny bit excited. A product to aid the condition and add a hint of a tint.

I put this on after the hair mask and I was quite nervous about it as I’ve never ever dabbled in any kind of toning or colouring of my own hair but the directions for use made it sound very straight forward, very easy and just like an extra boost to what I already had. I left it on for 10 mins, rinsed it out and then smothered the Bleach Blonde conditioner through. My hair felt so silky and soft and I couldn’t wait to get it dry to see what the result was.

So to cut to the chase, hair now dried, it’s alot softer that  normal and feels alot like it does the day I’ve been to the hair salon. The hair looks plumper and is def not as dry as it appeared before. I think these are great products to use between  visits to the salon. The colour…it’s a little patchy due to my inexperience (next time I would be better but I used sparingly incase of a terrible outcome) but it really has added the cutest pink tinge and I’ve had nothing but comments about it when I’m out. People seem shocked when I tell them I did it myself.

I will definitely continue to use all of these products and I think the mask is my favorite and I will be implementing this into my hair care once a week. This will be great for non bleached girls too. The other three are obviously from the bleached blondes range but from these I would highly recommend his other ranges in particular the rest of the CoCo LoCo range. I find this range really great value for money too and the products are often on offer like at the moment there is a 1/3 off the price.

I would love to share more of my hair care products with you. Please leave me a comment if you would be interested in other products.

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