FASHION: LFW Festival 2017

Friday 24th February I headed to London Fashion Week Festival in association with The Blogger Programme.

This is the first time I’ve ever attended so of course the first thing on my mind was what the heck am I going to wear?!

I went for something cool and casual but by adding my amazing studded statement jacket, the outfit came to life and looked like I’d made way more effort than I actually had. If you strip away the jacket I was wearing a simple t-shirt with a camisole dress over the top. If you are signed up to LIKETOKNOW.IT and you follow my Instagram then you would have by now have received all my outfit details to your inbox.  My leather jacket is Zara and sold out so I have sourced some similar ones with different price brackets which you will find here too. I teamed this with fishnet tights, studded boots and a choker to compliment the dress.

I was amazed at the compliments I received from many people inside and my highlights were being photographed by some amazing fashion photographers in and outside including @Alexlight_ldn and @jimnemer.

So let’s talk about the actual festival. Well for me it was a shopping paradise. I loved thrifting through an array of designers new and already established. The best part was being able to speak to the faces behind the brands. It helps to finds a relatable brand and also realise the workmanship behind the facade of the Internet which you don’t always see.

Amazing leather pouches by @tea_and_tequila_trading

One of my favourite brands I found that I still can’t stop thinking about was @FlorenceBridge who had the most amazing array of Mongolian wool jackets and scarves among other things. The colours were amazing and I was instantly drawn to the products. This brand is definitely for me and I can’t wait to own something from Florence.

I then entered a different area which was adorned with jewellery brands. I don’t consider myself a jewellery person. I wear my engagement and wedding rings and a watch. Let me now tell you that I’m OBSESSED with jewellery since visiting here. One of the best things about the day was the exposure to many new brands and products (although my bank account won’t agree). There are so many amazing jewellery brands I found and actally the main items I purchased were all jewellery.

There were too many to mention but here are the Instagrams for some of my faves:







Sunglasses were also in abundance. New and old brands were there. You could try on whatever you liked and The Sunglasses Hut were running a trendy photobooth. I fell in love with this @taylormorrisldn pair. I also found a new brand I loved called @finlayandco

There was lots to see including trend catwalk shows throughout the day. There were goodies and samples on offer including Maybeline makeovers.

I highly recommen the festival and already look forward to next time! Hope you enjoyed the read and the outfit ♡





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