LIFESTYLE: Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I have to be honest even though I am a Mother, Mother’s Day isn’t something we have ever really made a big deal of. Probably because it’s a day us Mothers share with our own Mothers or our Mother in Laws and friends that are also Mothers. I’m more than happy with the homemade handcrafted cards the kids bring home from school and maybe a bunch of flowers…if I’m lucky, a little Jo Malone or a replacement serum I have run out of…a spot of breakfast or lunch with my lovely family. It certainly has never been an excuse to snag an ellaborate gift for me (I save that for birthdays hehe). When my girls get bigger I will look forward to perhaps going for Afternoon Tea.

But whether you splurge on your own Mum or keep it simple with flowers or chocolates, look no further than my gift guide for some great ideas this Mother’s Day…maybe get your partner to take a look for a hint or two.



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