FASHION: The Rise of The Humble Cardigan

If theres one thing for sure this season its that the cardigan has made its comeback and thanks to brands like Mr Mittens and Mumshandmade, the demand for these chunky knits has increased largely. This season they are hugely popular and the chunkier the better. A much chic-er alternative to a puffy coat which as you know can ruin the best of outfits, chunky knits provide warmth and promise game-changing outfit accompaniments in a variety of colours.


There are some amazing cardigans available on the high street too so dont worry if your budget dosn’t allow for a £300 cardigan however dont be afraid to invest in good knitwear as if cared for, it will last you a lifetime and you can bring it out season after season.

Have a nose thorugh the shoppable gallery and let me know what youre loving.

TIP: Always fold your knitwear…if possible avoid hanging which can mis-shape heavy or delicate knitwear or snag them easily.





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