BEAUTY: Beauty Starts From Within

When it comes to my skincare regime  (which is something I’m very passionate about) I’ve realised it’s about a whole lot more than just what products I put on my skin. For me good skin is a way of life made up of a combination of things and I’ve now added Lumity Life supplements to aid me the journey of good skin. At 31 I’m still yet to try any aesthetical enhancement which is quite unusual when I see girls starting this in their 20s these days (although I’d never say never). It’s seen as a quick fix answer to good looking skin, I call it lazy skin care, albeit putting very little good into the skin. I prefer to try a more therapeutic approach to skincare which benefits the mind, body & spirit with amazing treatments and products.

Who dosent want deeper sleep, strengthened immunity, glowing skin and targeted anti-aging? No-one, right? Well say hello to Lumity.

‘Regain your GLOW’

Before I go any further, I want to mention the packaging. Lumity is a high end alternative to vitamins and the packaging reflects just that.  Each beautifully branded box contains a pack of two (Morning & night) containers. You won’t want to hide these away in the cupboard. Mine sit on my kitchen worktop by my kettle an easy reminder for day and eve or others leave the night time pills by their bedside.

On to the product. The ingredients are revolutionary and provide a two step formula that harnesses your body’s natural cycles which targets what you need when you need it. Morning and night you take three of each.


These promote collagen production, detoxification and oxidative repair.


At night the three pills stimulate the release of human growth hormone naturally to restore your body’s tissues.

I’ve taken these for the full 3 months (recommended)  as I wanted to report my results back. It can vary person to person but most people can expect to see results by the 2nd or 3rd month.

My Results

My skin really did appear so much firmer and plumper than before I started taking them. Fine lines appeared diminished and my overall complexion has been ‘glowing’. I’ve had brilliant sleep, hair and nail growth and felt generally full of life.

Interestingly I also wanted to share with you how I’ve felt since I stopped taking Lumity. So my supply ran out…thats ok as i didnt teally need them, right..? WRONG!

I’ve been feeling really rubbish lately… at my wosrt. My good skin has completely vanished. My eyes feel and look more tired than ever and I’ve felt sluggish and lethargic.



You can sign up for an auto replenishment so you never have to miss a month or you can order as you need. These form an amazing part of a daily beauty routine and also make a fabulous gift.



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