The First Timers Guide to Aesthetics


As a woman ‘in my thirties’ I would be lying if I had said the word “botox” had never crossed my mind. I had certainly started to notice changes in the appearance of my skin and most notably I had started to see some sagging of the ‘nasal labial folds’ as I now know them to be called. These were making me feel ‘older’ in appearance.

So when April from Meredith Medical got in touch I couldn’t wait to go for a chat and find out more about the available aesthetical procedures that are out there.

The first thing I was shocked to learn is that beauty therapiats can also administer aesthetics. I personally would only trust a trained medical professional like April who is a nurse, or a doctor. If god forbid there was a problem, they are better equipped to deal with it and also carry an epi pen and an ancedote in the event of a reaction.

So back to the consultation. After going through the paper work, April asked what areas I was concerned about and discussed the best treatment plan for my needs. I was happy to go ahead on the same day so we applied local anasthetic straight away.


First visit

On my first visit I had 0.5ml Teosyal Pure Sense which gave a subtle enhancement and rejuvenation in each cheek as well as to help lift my nasal labia area. I then had 0.55ml direct into the nasal labial folds and as if by magic the lines had gone and I had cheek bones to rival a supermodel ( shame they cant do anything for height)!

As a total virgin to this kind of thing I was of course slightly nervous at the prospect but April was extremely reassuring and soon put me at ease. I must say I found it relatively pain free. Afterwards the area feels a little tender and may even bruise but I didnt experience any bruising. I applied Arnica cream straight away to prevent this. I highly advise you get some Arnica cream before or immediately after this kind of proecedure.

With a little aftercare advice, its back to business. You should avoid intense activities for 24 hours but otherwise you’re good to go.

What we did next

A follow up appointment follows 2 weeks later. This gives you the chance to see how youve reacted to the treatment and if any tweaks are required. For example one of my cheeks seemed to have more than the other so April evened them up and also I had the nasal labial folds topped up with another 0.55ml to perfect them.

At this follow up we also started on a new treatment area… eyes (crows feet) and forehead (frown lines). Im quite fortunate to get to my thirties with no visible deep lines around my eyes or forehead however I can see the finest trace of them. Especially when I’m talking animatedly. As a first timer April explained that botox (which is actually a brand) would probably be too harsh for me and explained about Boccuture.

Boccuture or Botox?

Boccuture and Botox are both brands the treatment is botulinum toxin a
Injection that relaxes the muscle

They are the same toxin but there is differences in the preparation and making by their manufacturing.

Boccuture is great for a first time treatment.
Treatment is subtle but can last longer.

Botox is good for older clients and
People with resistant muscles.
The outcome can be more effective but tends not to last as long

Results range from
12-24 weeks and is very different for every client. Clients experience a ‘breakthrough’ with their treatment at or around 7-10 weeks when the toxin relaxes slightly and some movement can be felt.
This is normal and does not mean your treatment has failed or worn off.

Treatment can be repeated every twelve weeks if needed. The more
regularly you have treatment the longer intervals between treatments.

I have to say I’m over the moon with the results of my treatment. I feel like April has knocked 10 years off me and of course most people tell me I didn’t need anything but we all have things that bother us don’t we and I think any kind of cosmetic procedure is done out of personal choice. I didn’t want to look ‘done’ and I think that’s exactly the result we have achieved. If you didn’t know, you wouldn’t be able to guess but the subtle changes have enhanced and improved my appearance. I want to take this stigma away attached to aesthetical medicine that you don’t have to walk out looking plastic or fake. With an experienced practitioner the effects can be amazing but subtle .


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