Welcome to my blog, a destination for my love of fashion, beauty and everything else in between.

The Chic Petite has derived from my love of all things chic and being a petite 5ft 3 inches I thought the name was very fitting.

I really enjoy sharing my outfits, Style and Beauty tips and you will mainly see me mixing my love of high street fashion with high end designer goods.

I truly believe you don’t need to spend a lot to look stylish but I also think a good pair of shoes and a bag can make your outfit look a million dollars so it’s worth investing in classic key pieces if you can.

I’ve just turned thirty and I spend my money on completely different products and clothes now to what I did in my twenties. I also feel that thirty years olds don’t necessarily want to look to twenty years old girls for style and beauty tips so I started this blog to fill the gap.

I hope you will enjoy looking and maybe even be inspired!

Feel free to enjoy looking at some of my past and present posts.

Cressida ♡